Few things are as sturdy as the great elephant. We hear all sorts of stories about elephants’ compassion, intelligence and loyalty – there are a hundred things that we could learn from them. This painting is a symbol of ‘plodding on’ – when life and the world tempt us to give up, for the sake of others around us and indeed of life itself we choose to simply keep going; keep on putting one step in front of the other even when we don’t see the purpose in it. Sometimes it can take some serious effort and commitment to just keep going and choose not to give up on life – but it is what often must be done. Let us then plod – whether we look up to the road ahead for some inspiration or just focus on our feet, let us plod on even when we are most tempted to just give up. For the sake of those around us let us refuse to give up, and find hope in the humble elephant where none seems to be apparent in our own lives. Let us plod.

£55 Elephant, acrylic on 24x30cm canvas .JPG

Acrylic on 24x30cm stretched canvas (sides painted), ready to hang.

Elephant by Kat Gibson

£70 including P&P


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