Purple Lake

It’s one of the most wonderful and lovely mysteries when one is looking out across a lake or the sea and cannot quite see where the water ends and sky begins. Even when it is obvious by guessing because of surrounding land or plants, the absence of a clear ‘dividing line’ is something I find truly beautiful. This, alongside the reflections, shadows and vague sweeps of colour, adds to the mystery of this simple painting. What lies beyond the end of those shrubs, I wonder? Where does the water lead to? Can the same colours and shapes be found on the other side, or does it look totally different? Is it possible to get there by boat? What secrets do the trees and plants conceal in their branches and under their tender leaves? What secrets does the water guard so protectively with its shiny surface? All these mysteries, and so many more – it is not for me to know or offer the answers, but for each of us to dream, to imagine, to bury ourselves in the ideas and unknown matters, to lose ourselves to their mystery – then to step back and admire the world and its natural contents.

£45 Purple Lake, acrylic on 30x40cm canvas .JPG

Purple Lake by Kat Gibson

£70 including P&P


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