Reflected Islands

This is a fairly simple painting of two islands and an orange sunset reflected in the water, with a row of pale blue hills in the horizon. In many parts of the world islands like these would have myths and legends associated with them – such as giants falling and laying to rest in the sea. For me this picture makes me think of ‘closure’, of the end of an era, of saying goodbye to a significant part of life and beginning to think about welcoming something new. I painted this at a time when life was full of change and I was processing that change – letting go of the things that had passed and reflecting on what I had learnt and received from them, to take forward into the next stage of life. As the evening winds down and the world floods with colour we are reminded to ponder the activities of the day and to learn from them before we begin to prepare for whatever may come the following day. We look out to the distant hills and listen to the small fish splashing in the calm water, and we ponder our life’s direction. We consider our dreams, our ambitions and hopes; we remember how far we have come and what we have achieved, and what people along our journey have taught us. We sit, we reflect, we remember, we hope.

.£60 Reflected Islands, oil on wooden board, framed .JPG

Oil on wooden board, framed and ready to hang.

Reflected Islands by Kat Gibson

£65 including P&P


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