Was there a moment, for you? One single moment when you first realised that you had gone and ‘fallen in love’? A moment in which the mind is full of light and colour and thoughts seem to whizz around so quickly that they are all a blur and you wonder whether anything makes sense any more – and nothing really seems to matter except the simple fact of your coexistence? That inexplicable, fleeting moment is such a mystery and always leaves us wondering where it may lead; what it could mean for the future. That moment often leads to a choice (or indeed stems from a choice already made) – whether to follow it, take the risk and walk forward into a new stage of life which could in time bring about huge change; or to back off, run away or try hard to ignore it. Perhaps the characters in the painting have a million and one thoughts buzzing around their minds at once; or perhaps their thoughts are resting in blissful stillness, leaving the thinking until another moment.

.£60 Romance, acryilc on 30x40cm canvas .jpg

Acrylic on 30x40cm (approx. 12″x16″) stretched canvas (with sides painted), ready to hang.

Romance by Kat Gibson

£70 including P&P


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