Ullenwood at Dusk

Most days my husband takes the car to work; but there are some days when I need to use the car – and on those days Ben cycles (which takes almost an hour each way) or occasionally I arrange to drop him off and pick him up. When I drop him off, since he starts work earlier than I, I like to stop for ten-fifteen minutes at a lay-by not far from his workplace, which has lovely views. That lay-by is on the outskirts of Ullenwood. When I collect Ben after work on those days it is often a joy to pass that place as dusk is beginning, and look over those same views in the different light. This painting is of that place – with some artistic license as regards the numerous hills in the distance but with, I hope, a fairly accurate depiction of the sky and land, with houses and roads outstretched like toy buildings and yellow lights contrasting against and complimenting the purple of the land. It really is a lovely view, as are many of the views in beautiful Gloucestershire – and while I do miss the Dales, the countryside surrounding where we now live almost matches it in splendour.


Ullenwood at Dusk by Kat Gibson

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