Canvas Stretching workshops

Ever tried making your own canvasses? It’s great fun, and usually works out much cheaper than buying them! Why not give it a shot? Get a few artistic friends together and we’ll have a fantastic time stretching canvasses in your chosen sizes!

  • On a Saturday morning or afternoon to suit you (a two-hour session)
  • Canvas size options are any combination L x W of 40cm, 50cm, 60cm and 76cm.
  • You’ll leave with four beautiful canvasses of your very own making, ready to paint!
Canvas Stretching pic.JPG

This session is ideal for 3-4 people. The cost is £35 per person, or £20 for anyone receiving Universal Credit.

Note – in order to be able to complete this workshop participants will need to have fairly strong fingers and good physical mobility. (If you are keen to be part of the process but have painful arthritic fingers or limited physical mobility, you are more than welcome to join in if you are happy for some parts of the process to be done for you.)

 Contact me to talk about dates and details to suit your group!