‘Friendly Plastic’ jewellery workshops

‘Friendly Plastic’ is a biodegradable polymer (Polycaprolactone) with a shiny metallic topping. It comes in bright, colourful strips strips which are cut into smaller shapes and fused together in an oven. These strips are no longer being produced; they can’t be bought in craft shops any more, so there is limited time to make use of my stash!

Why not take the opportunity to bring a few friends together to create your own stylish and eye-catching earrings and necklaces. With a range of dazzling colours to cut into different shapes and arrange how you like, you can experiment and play with different styles before the pieces are fused together in the oven – and you’ll leave with some uniquely and beautifully crafted pieces of your own making!

These 90-minute sessions are designed for a group of 4-6 people, and can be arranged at a time to suit you. All materials are provided, including hypoallergenic surgical steel earring hooks and stud posts, sterling silver necklace chains, and even stylish gift boxes.

Ideal for parties, celebrations, or just something fun to do with friends!

These sessions are aimed at adults and are not suitable for young children, due to the use of sharp scissors, delicate parts and of course heat in fusing the pieces together. Young people aged 12-17 are welcome, along with a responsible adult (e.g. a parent or guardian). The cost is £25 per person, or £15 for anyone receiving Universal Credit.

 Contact me to talk about dates and details to suit your group.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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